Advertise on the Site

If you would like to advertise on the site please contact us using the information below. Please keep in mind there are many more teams and leagues during the summer so there will be more visitors.

We will except 6 advertisers at a time which will be shown on the site for a full year. At the end of the year they will have the first option to renew at the current costs. If they choose not to review we will except new advertisers.

Ad sizes are 100 x 200 pixels and the cost is $40.00 per month. We are available to help design your ad as long as there is no logo design involved.


Month Visitors
May 2012 589
April 2012 214
March 2012 207
February 2012 880
January 2012 895
December 2011 532
November 2011 984
October 2011 958
September 2011 1296
August 2011 1918
July 2011 2032
June 2011 1995
May 2011 1341

What Do I Get?

  • Exposure to hundreds of volleyball players ages 16 - 60
  • Featured in the right column of every page of the site
  • Shown at the top of the right column on the home page

Contact About Advertising

1Eighty Design, LLC
Kevin Hamstra | 574-524-5070

Ad Specs

  • Must be a GIF or JPG (no animaged gifs)
  • 200 pixels widt by 100 pixels tall
  • Must be less that 15k in file size